bet365 Gold Cup Handicap Chase Past Winners

bet365 Gold Cup

Previous winners of The bet365 Gold Cup Handicap Chase at Sandown Park Racecourse

3 mile 4 furlongs 166 Yards Steeplechase (3 mile 5 furlongs)
24 fences

Approaching the Pond Fence

Proud Tarquin (1974) disqualified following a Stewards’ Enquiry
Cahervillahow (1991) disqualified following a Stewards’ Enquiry
Givus a Buck (1993) disqualified following a Stewards’ Enquiry
1973 Race Run at Newcastle Racecourse 3 miles 6 furlongs

bet365 Gold Cup

Year Winner Owner Trainer Jockey Odds
2017 Henllan Harri Einsley Harries Peter Bowen Sean Bowen 40/1
2016 The Young Master Dajam & The Old Masters Neil Mulholland Mr S Waley-Cohen 8/1
2015 Just A Par Paul K Barber & C G Roach Paul Nicholls Sean Bowen 14/1
2014 Hadrian’s Approach Mr & Mrs R Kelvin-Hughes Nicky Henderson Barry Geraghty 10/1
2013 Quentin Collonges Neville Statham & Family Henry Daly Andrew Tinkler 14/1
2012 Tidal Bay Andrea & Graham Wylie Paul Nicholls Daryl Jacob 9/1
2011 Poker De Sivola The Johnson Family Ferdy Murphy Timmy Murphy 11/1
2010 Church Island B J Craig Michael Hourigan A P Heskin 20/1
2009 Hennessy Malcolm C Denmark (Hennessy) Carl Llewellyn A P McCoy 13/2
2008 Monkerhostin M G St Quinton P J Hobbs Richard Johnson 25/1

Betfred Gold Cup

Year Winner Owner Trainer Jockey Odds
2007 Hot Weld S Hubbard Rodwell Ferdy Murphy G Lee 6/1
2006 Lacdoudal Mrs R J Skan P J Hobbs R Johnson 10/1
2005 Jack High Miss B. Ross T.M. Walsh G. Cotter 16/1
2004 Puntal T. Neill M. Pipe D.J. Howard 25/1

AtTheRaces Gold Cup

2003 Ad Hoc Sir R. Ogden P.F. Nicholls R. Walsh 7/1
2002 Bounce Back Mrs B. Harvey M. Pipe A.P. McCoy 14/1

Whitbread Gold Cup

2001 Ad Hoc Sir R. Ogden P.F. Nicholls R. Walsh 14/1
2000 Beau Mrs S. Tainton N.A. Twiston-Davies C. Llewellyn 6/1
1999 Eulogy N. Cooper R. Rowe B. Fenton 14/1
1998 Call It a Day Mrs J. Lane D. Nicholson A. Maguire 8/1
1997 Harwell Lad H. Wellstead R.H. Alner Mr R Nuttall 14/1
1996 Life of a Lord M.J. Clancy A.P. O′Brien C. Swan 12/1
1995 Cache Fleur B A Kilpatrick M. Pipe R. Dunwoody 10/1
1994 Ushers Island R.W.L. Bowden J. Howard Johnson C. Swan 25/1
1993 Topsham Bay Sir E. Parker D. Barons R. Dunwoody 10/1
1992 Topsham Bay M. Marsh D. Barons H. Davies 9/2
1991 Docklands Express R.H. Baines K. Bailey A. Tory 4/1
1990 Mr Frisk Mrs H. Duffy K. Bailey Mr M. Armytage 9/2
1989 Brown Windsor C.C. Shand Kydd N. Henderson M. Bowlby 12/1
1988 Desert Orchid R Burridge D. Elsworth S. Sherwood 6/1
1987 Lean Ar Aghaidh Mrs W. Tulloch S. Mellor G. Landau 6/1
1986 Plundering Mrs M. Valentine F.T. Winter S. Sherwood 14/1
1985 By The Way Mrs C. Feather Mrs M. Dickinson R. Earnshaw 11/2
1984 Special Cargo The Queen Mother F. Walwyn K. Mooney 8/1
1983 Drumlargan M. Cuddy E. O′Grady F. Codd 11/1
1982 Shady Deal G. Hubbard J. Gifford R. Rowe 4/1
1981 Diamond Edge S. Loughridge F. Walwyn W. Smith 5/1
1980 Royal Mail J. Begg S. Mellor P. Blacker 8/1
1979 Diamond Edge S. Loughridge F. Walwyn W. Smith 7/1
1978 Strombolus M. Buckley P. Bailey T. Stack 7/1
1977 Andy Pandy Mrs S. Mulligan F. Rimell J. Burke 4/1
1976 Otter Way O. Carter O. Carter J. King 15/2
1975 April Seventh Mrs B. Meeham R. Turnell S.C. Knight 16/1
1974 The Dikler Mrs D. August F. Walwyn R. Barry 5/1
1973 Charlie Potheen Mrs B. Heath F. Walwyn R. Barry 11/4
1972 Grey Sombrero W. Caudwell D. Gandolfo W. Shoemaker 16/1
1971 Titus Oates P. Cussins G.W. Richards R. Barry 11/1
1970 Royal Toss C. Handel C. Handel R. Pitman 20/1
1969 Larbawn M. Marsh M. Marsh J. Gifford 9/2
1968 Larbawn M. Marsh M. Marsh M. Gifford 8/1
1967 Mill House W. Gollings F. Walwyn D. Nicholson 9/2
1966 What A Myth Lady Weir Ryan Price P. Kelleway 5/4
1965 Arkle Anne Duchess of Westminster T. Dreaper P. Taaffe 4/9
1964 Dormant Mrs D. W-Kendrew N. Crump P. Buckley 11/4
1963 Hoodwinked Lady Joicey N. Crump P. Buckley 100/7
1962 Frenchman′s Cove S. Joel H.T. Jones S. Mellor 7/2
1961 Pas Seul J. Rogerson R. Turnell D. Dick 8/1
1960 Plummers Plain F. Clay L. Dale R. Hassion 20/1
1959 Done Up J. Baillie Ryan Price H. Sprague 100/6
1958 Taxidermist Mrs P. Hastings F. Walwyn J. Lawrence 100/6
1957 Much Obliged H. Draper N. Crump J. East 10/1